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Web Design

Grab Your Customers’ Attention At First Sight




Captivate Your Customers, Make Them Stick Around Longer

In every business, the first impression counts, especially when you are trying to reach out to new customers that have come to visit your website for the first time. And it is no surprise that the look and feel of your website will be the first clue they get about your business. It might be just the one thing that makes or breaks their intention to further check out your website.


Use Quality Images That Are Relevant To Make Your Point

How true it is that a picture paints a thousand words, and this is so apt when you can complement your web content with the right images to enhance the message that you are trying to bring across to your target customers. This also applies to images of your products because better quality images will create a more professional and better-perceived brand image in your customers’ minds.


Use corporate colours in your web design

If you want to enhance the usability of your website for your target customers that visit, you will want to incorporate your corporate colours within your web design. This will give your website a consistent and professional look with added credibility. It is best to keep within two to three colours so it doesn’t overpower the other elements of your website.


Make A Difference With Good Web Layout

When your website has a good layout, it increases the usability of your website and enhances your customers’ online experience with your business. When your customers are happy, they will be more willing to buy your products and services too. What does a good layout entail?

As a guideline, it is always good practice to place your images at the top of the page because visuals will always capture your customers’ attention first, followed by the content. Text content should be structured in an orderly fashion that allows the eye to follow through – this can be achieved with easy to read font type and size.


When You Pay Attention To Details, Your Efforts Pay Off

At Hover and Click, you can be assured that our web expert will guide you through the most appropriate web design for your website that complements your business objectives, be it web layout, font type and size, as well as colours.



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