Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Is Your Web Campaign Working?




Track Your Website Performance At One Glance

Just like any marketing campaign that your business runs, you want to know how effective it is in achieving your objectives. Web analytics is a key tool that is used in conjunction with any online marketing campaign to measure the effectiveness of your web site.


Collect, Analyze, Report

In measuring effectiveness, web analytics facilitates several functions such as collecting, analyzing and reporting the data of the performance of your online marketing campaign. This will allow you to track, monitor and evaluate the progress against the set objectives.


Check If Your Web Campaign Is On Track or Off

If it is on track, it is an indication that the campaign is successful and the business can choose to extend the duration of running the campaign to yield more web traffic and greater brand exposure.

If it is not performing up to expectations, it is also a good form of feedback to re-look into various components of the campaign in greater detail. This will give the business a more in-depth analysis of how each component is performing, and whether efforts should be revved up or down to achieve the marketing objectives.


Know What Your Customers Want

Web analytics is also useful in conducting market research, based on live data. By tracking the patterns of behaviour of your customers, you can quickly identify their likes and dislikes. This will increase the ability to reach out to customers’ needs better.


Keep Up To Date

At Hover and Click, we will run web analytics in tandem with your online marketing campaign so you are always up to date with how your website is performing.



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